Friday, June 15, 2012

Where Have You Been?

Hey Guys?! I'm Back! Yes, I'm still alive, married, and breathing. A lot has changed since my last blog/ YouTube Video.  Did a little shopping, but not too much like I use to. Graduated from The Community College of Baltimore County with an AA in Fine Arts (hello student loans). I'm also preparing to become a foster parent!

Bad News? No more sugar bears. Monkey and Nibbles are with a new family now. We didn't get the house, but we have bigger and better plans for our future. Other than that, everything has been great!

My flat iron has been resting lately... but my conditioner hasn't. Co-washing has been my favorite thing to do. With out my "Herbal Essence" I would be no where. I have been loving it, along with my Eco Styler.. perfect mixture of curly goodness. My natural hair has been loving it and if my hair is happy.. I'm happy! I will post some pictures of some easy protective hair styles soon and my Alopecia update.

I really missed blogging with you guys. I hope to catch up soon. Hopefully I can produce enough energy to make a YouTube video :-)


  1. We miss you too Mrs.Speciallymade! Congratulations on your graduation and for preparing to become a foster parent! Thanks for sharing your great news. I agree, co-washing has been great for me too. I look forward to your post for protective hairstyles. Take good care! Peace & Blessings!

    Love, Kim (kimye65)

    1. Aww Thank You! Can't wait to catch up!