Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thrift Addiction

     At first, it was the clearance rack all the way in back of the store. Shopping was like going on a treasure hunt. I did not mind that the dress was out of style or out of sight. If I found it, this dress is mine.

      Then coupons seemed to take control of my brain. I would bicker with my husband over the printer not having ink just because of my coupon fix. There would be days that I could turn $100 into $40 with coupons and great sales strategies, but that just wasn't good enough.

 Thrift shopping is like an addiction The first high is just perfect. You find that shirt with the store tag still intact, but instead of the full price you get ¼ of it’s original cost. Every day since you have searched to find another like it! Me? I found closets full of wonderful treasures. Sales dates become a part of your life. "Come Monday, I will find something wonderful!" You might even schedule the drive to end up at the store door exactly at 9:00, because that is when shoppers are welcomed in. It seems like you eat breath and thrift.

     The mall is not suitable for you anymore, it’s just not good enough. It doesn't keep you excited. Their clothes just don't have the quality or prices you are looking for. Before you turn to leave, your eye catches one of the prettiest colors you have ever seen. You are captivated by the color and pattern of this special dress. It seems perfect because it’s not too long or too short. It could be something you wear around family without feeling like you’re too young or too old for it. This dress seems to grab you. It pulls you into the same department store you despise. Fingers search for you’re size, and just like that you are in the fitting room with a dress that fits perfectly. Suddenly you get a quick urge to check the price and it reads $24.99. 

     Is this dress worth it? It's so perfect you say to yourself. I can’t go without it. This dress is worth every penny.

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